A defence account has the least need for a high producing wheat capital as defence is often fed for you in other accounts. Thus attacking an oasis 7 minutes after a first raid has occurred one will mean you can only grab 7% … Travian UKX Teuton - Part 1 - Raid Oasis, Hero and Resource Tiles. This is how my cropper looks now, coming towards the end of day 12. An attack is meant to destroy its target. I try to keep upgrading my granary and warehouse, so that my granary always hold around 3 times more than my warehouse and is large enough that it won't overflow whilst I am sleeping. Although this may seem a lot of effort, it will be worth it to avoid coming home to three dead settlers. Note that troops in the oasis do not benefit from that village's wall or residence, so farming other player's oases can be a profitable tactic. Most of the Tasks are straightforward and by the end of the day you should be well on your way through them. If you’re a Gaul, then it should be swordsman, TTs and Pathfinders. Defence. This is how I’m looking right now. Beginners Protection (BP)You may have noticed a countdown at the bottom left of the screen. Once my Residence is complete, I will be using it to train the three settlers required to settle my next village. This is because the number of culture points for fields doesn’t increase until Level 6. Also, if your sitter sends a raid to a big player blindly and you start receiveing big attacks back, a polite message can usually smooth over the creases. Crop-wise speaking, Roman troops provide the best stats for each crop consumed and therefore, Roman is the best tribe in late game (in late game, most resources are abundant except crop). Cranny 7 is not 2145 resources to get 4 culture/day. External extrasYour alliance may ask you to join gettertools. As a brand new player, my most valuable assets would be enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and take advice. Culture Points Again As my account continues to grow, I need to keep maximising my CPs. Introduction Bot Travian Strategy This software is a tool to help online game Travian . Sitters can only send raids, not normal attacks. It's almost certain that they will trade within 24 hours. AdventuresYour hero will probably be back now and ready to go off again, however, a word of caution. Best raiding units: Gallic - Theutates Thunder, for their velocity; Teutonic - Paladin, for their high capacity; Roman - Equites Imperatoris, for their heavy carrying ability Sitters can only send raids, not normal attacks. It is possible to play successfully without gold but it requires more time or a willingness to sell absolutely everything on the auctions (more about those later).I play with gold and it speeds the process up so will probably spend around £15 a month on it. It is based off of my recent experience on travian legends 1x speed server. Jordaniel13 27,595 views. With careful building, my account is now producing 139 CPs a day, and with only 423 needed, that means from now on I need to start building my Residence and settlers. I want to settle my second village as quickly as possible so maximising CPs is vital. Wonderful to know these still exist and I'm really heartened by all the offers of help and support I've been given. However, in Travian, multiple attacks are common and not against the rules. Without this, I would have to spend hours searching by looking at each individual tile, so if you can, it’s worth the investment. Tomorrow I will be working on maximising resources and culture points. Looking good.I look forward to seeing where you settle. If you’d like to become an Elite Travian player, win medals and awards, host a World Wonder village, fight an alliance war, and save time playing the game, then this website contains all the playing strategies you’re going to need to kick ass on the server… By active I mean you have to log into the game at least once every couple hours. Raiding a player owned oasis can withdraw a maximum of 10% of the owning village's resources per 10 minutes. If you want to be a top 10 robber you will have to be in playing at least once per hour, especially if you want to sleep at night. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Weaker opponent's villages can be kept in check by raiding their resources on a regular basis, with a handful of your troops. The Druidrider is the Gauls best defensive unit against infantry but only have average defense against cavalry. If they have more villages than you, the general rule is, scout the capitol/biggest pop before attacking. If that happens, they come home and I will have to send them off somewhere else. e.g. I will get 500 CPs for completing the Residence, but at this rate it will take me 7 days to build enough CPs to settle my next village which is far too long, so I need to increase this. Once complete, I have just under two days to train my settlers before I will have enough CPs to settle. Alternatively the player could join and/or request aid from an alliance or other larger players, providing you with tactical headache. Balanced against the amount of time I have available to play and the disadvantages I am working against by not being in a strong alliance, these are going to be better options than the alternative of being constantly attacked. (Trouble is ALWAYS online ;))This can be really useful if you have attacks coming in and need to ask for help. Dodging (i.e. I’m 30 days late starting this server, so the alliances are already well formed. This is where you will start to need a little patience as you wait for things to build. You can see the cropfinder tool at the top left of the map. To help me decide the order of building, I can use this really useful table in kiriloid. Inside my Hero's Mansion I can see that one possible 50% wheat oasis has already been taken. A lot of players don't like having sitters as they could potentially carry out actions on your account that you don't want them to, but a good sitter can be a definite bonus and may even help your account to grow whilst you are offline. Only Gauls can construct trappers. Croppers will require a lot of gold to sim up the fields so settling a nearby feeder first is a good option if you aren’t able to spend that amount of money. This will cost a total of 59030 resources. 1. Remember that villages merely represent infrastructure, and our primary goal is to grow our military. To complete the raid an oasis task, either send your hero to raid then cancel the attack within 15 seconds, or send him with cages once you have them. I have put together a basic spreadsheet to show which building upgrades will give me the cheapest CPs. This strategy is however more risky as the target village may have large crannies and/or a large army away from home but the player could eventually abandon the village if they are unable to develop, providing many resources. Therefore build clubs, paladins and scouts. A large raid(s) to deplete the target village's resources could turn the village into a farm as per Weaker Opponents. The tasks want me to take all my resource fields to 5, however, doing that will cost a lot of resources and gain me nothing extra in CPs. Whilst this won't deter raiders for long, it will make things more annoying and difficult for them. Alternatively, you may decide to start to save up for Gold Club. This will take a couple of days, so this guide won't be updated now until they are ready to go. For now, I can avoid them being killed by putting on auto dodge. There is a lot of overlap between the two, but they serve very different purposes and have many different effects. However, harassment in terms of abusive messages is a violation of rules, and if you send harassing messages to the person attacking you, they may report you to the multi-hunter and you may be banned or receive other punishments such as the emptying of all warehouses and removal of troops depending upon the severity of the harassment. 3. MultihunterThe multihunter polices the server and checks for multi accounts - players trying to have more than one account at a time. This will take quite a bit of gold as I will need to NPC to build fields fairly regularly. Resources My first priority today is to get all fields to Level 3. As it’s a cropper, I want to get in the market before anything else as I will need to NPC wheat to other resources to be able to keep building it. For now, you may decide to spend 20 of your 30 free gold on extending the 25% extra production for resources. You should be able to complete 5 adventures before the end of the day. I’ll look more at oases later. As Travian is a real time game, it also gives you both the opportunity to have a break. Over the next few days, this will be my bible as I will be prioritising all buildings and upgrades according to how many CPs they give me.http://t4.answers.travian.co.u…=answer&aid=102#go2answer Alliances Next I need to consider joining an alliance. Keep trying. Botters and attackers Meanwhile, my first village is out of BP and the attacks have been rolling in. Beware that using an alliance name like this may gain you enemies from that alliance. Instant resource increase! I've already researched scouts to get the reward for the researching troops task so will build some before I come out of BP. It’s primarily because after a certain point your own individuality kicks in and you begin to spice up your game play to your own personal taste. CPs, CPs and more CPs Today has been all about CPS again. For this reason, it's often a good idea to have a sitter. For a large, high activity account this will need to be in the centre and you will need to win the race to get the best cropper first. To free troops from traps, I can either let them go from my rally point and rebuild my traps, or my attackers will have to smash them out. At the end of the protected period for new players it is not uncommon for an unused village with population 2 to hold 800 (or more) of each resource just waiting to be collected. We have been working on features and functionality to increase or improve strategy Travian . Looking at the third account with a 6-cropper spawn with Level 14 fields made me realise just how badly one was needed! The blue dots indicate that players are currently online. FactoriesOnce you get all the resource fields to Level 8, the next step is push one of each up to Level 10. Now I have my second village, I can't stop thinking about how to increase my CPs so that I can settle more villages and build up my account. Most alliances like you to have sitters as long as they are from within the alliance, some will insist on it. It is 1635 resources to get from level 3-7 for 2 culture (817 per CP). This takes some Gold to NPC, so I wait until I have enough wheat to cover at least three fields at a time. If they do this, they will lose 25% of their trapped troops. A lot of fairly new players will waste troops like this early on because they haven't yet understood the long term nature of the game.http://travian-reports.net/us/report/452837d3cb3http://travian-reports.net/us/report/4528160d800 I’m at a real disadvantage here as I started this server 30 days in, so other players have had much more time to build up troops. Travian AU3 Gaul - Part 5 - Raiding + Making the list - Duration: 9:01. To claim an oasis you need a Hero's Mansion at Level 10. Read report – reward 10 ointments11. As a more experienced player it would be to offer the potential of a strong account that can help support the alliance to win the game. I have effectively cut down my settling time from yesterday by one full day. The goal in the first three days is to maximize resource production along with CP production – with slight changes obviously. Raiding is for profit. I will get 500 for completing my residence and already have 959 so I need another 541. Spending resources making a level 9 field at 210 hour return versus a level 6 field at 108 hour return - means that level 6 field has 2x the payback so sending resources to your second town is very worthwhile. Send a minimum of 2 troops. Players might attack a player as much as 8-10 times in one second even without using scripts, bots, or other forbidden tools according to the game rules. https://travian.fandom.com/wiki/Raids_and_attacks?oldid=18315, Releasing trapped troops: Troops that are trapped by a. With nothing to kill and no resources to steal there isn’t much point to attacking my village right now, but that won’t stop some people as you can see. I build Paladins not for any combat purpose, but to support the higher goal of raiding. Keep looking around your map for villages that could become usefull farms. with a full 12 points on resources (which is a further 72 of each per hour - total 562/562/422/872(minus 230 for buildings). When I have built everything I need, including all resource fields to Level 6, I will fill every remaining build slot with Level 3 (upgrading to Level 7) crannies (Note that you need to complete one cranny to Level 10 before you can build more). I did get passed a far more comprehensive spreadsheet that calculates what you should build next for Culture Points depending on what level your existing buildings are at and it agrees with you that I should upgrade Trapper, Academy and Embassy next. You will need to do a bit of maths to multiply up the cost of the fields. Jordaniel13 27,179 views. By now, everything is starting to build up nicely. If your alliance has several leaders, sending a message to the online leaders mean you will get a faster response.A green dot means that the player has been online in the last 24 hours, yellow that it has been more than 24 hours, red means more than three days, then eventually it turns to the grey dot of death.Some alliances will kick you out if your dot goes yellow more than once, most will kick you out if you go red. A good alliance won't make it mandatory, but if you are able to use it then it can be a good way of communicating with other players.Village Development. Although settlers are walking, I’m not guaranteed to be successful. If you want the reward without doing the adventure yet, send him off then cancel and bring him back within 15 seconds. Probably the most surprising thing about my build so far is how few troops I have built. The maximum number of CPs you can get is 500. The quickest and most efficient way to do this is with a Farm List. The very best defenders can respond quickly at need with high level tournament squares and the ability to accurately snipe attacks. Siege weapons are not active in a raid. I tried looking at cost per level of increase in an additional column but after a discussion on Skype last night, wondered if it would be better to look at the total cost and in the end went for that. You’ve started your server and have selected Gaul Tribe. At first glance it would seem that Pack of Wolves is the strongest, but check out the total population against the number of villages. At the moment, I haven't built any traps, but they are a quick and easy to build as defence. Offence.This is generally a more active play style than defence as you are likely to be attacked more and must be more alert. Hey, I need to mute some songs because copyright infringement. Woodcutter 1 – reward instant build3. Siege weapons are not active in a raid. For the fastest growth, you need to raid often and Teutons are the best raiders. I had two options for this raid, defend or dodge. Because Druidriders are cavalry they are much faster than Phalanx which makes them better suited for quick reinforcements. Sending a single unit will always die. People wonder why my guides normally only go so far and then stop. If you are almost full and your hero brings back more resources you could potentially overflow so it may be worth waiting until you are running low before you send him off again. This week I have finally reached the point where my resource production in my spawn village is high enough that I can consider taking an oasis and starting to party. Defending oases is never a great idea, there is no wall and no natural defences so is only something you should do if you are wanting to stop someone stealing it from you. All catapults move at the same speed, 3/hour. Trappers will capture raiders; a successful attack is needed to free the captives. Post was edited 5 times, last by Mercedes: Resizing pictures to fit more neatly (Feb 19th 2017). They are too much of a... 2) Don’t build far away from your initial city. Raids are meant strictly to gather bounty, and are much less vicious. If you can raid oases efficiently, it will put you ahead of others and give a nice boost to your Hero. This guide is for players who have some experience Travian or are new to Travian Version 4. I can work this out from the green bar in the top left hand corner. If you don't want to spend gold, you may decide to settle a "feeder" or standard 4-4-4-6 tile first. I can try to get one by applying to the alliance leaders, but whether they agree to take me will depend on what I can offer them. Added to how late I started this server, I have decided to set this account up to build a World Wonder Killer and therefore am going to look for a 15-cropper with 150% bonus. Some players will bring them out to attack before endgame, but many prefer to build them in semi-secret and make them as big as possible. You could take advantage of this approach yourself, hiding your farm behind the same deception. To make sure they don’t get picked off again, I need to put on autododge! This guide will go over the basic mechanics of the game, along with build guides for efficiency in order to develop into a powerful account. In my case, I would need to increase the warehouse. As I am playing this real time and already know that I have a close competitor within a few squares, I will wait in until my settlers are launched before letting you all know where I am going. Wheat oases will always be the most desired oases. Blindly attacking an apparently easy target may result in unwanted attention and could prompt the other opponent to destroy your resource fields and buildings with catapults. Check your resources. Lower activity accounts can successfully build a good army much further out and often work well in isolation. For now, it's worth having a look at your server to get an idea of the number of players and strength and position of alliances. ), but it is not linear. This meansif we didn’t specialize, we’d have to research the same stuff in every village again and again, thereby wasting resources on infrastructure instead of building units with them to prepare fo… I can definitely see the advantages of pushing up the fields and market place. If a potential attacker sees the alliance name and skips to another target the deception has worked. Once I have done that it’s a case of building up the wheat fields. Play Styles Tomorrow I will be looking for the 9 or 15 Cropper that will become my main capital and area for settling my villages. I took my 50 hero experience and put it three points on resource production and one point on fighting strength to complete another task. If you have bought Gold Club, you can activate troop evasion in your rally point. Your hero should also be about level 3 by now (4 if you have picked up scale armour and got some extra xp from hitting weak oases for experience, and make sure you never lose him!) Clay pit level 1 – reward instant build2. Make sure you put plenty in your villages. I will use my spawn village to make defence troops in future but it will take a while before I have enough to mount a reasonable defence. If anyone has any comments or suggestions to improve then please feel free to add them. An offence account will need a capital that is fairly close to the centre so that it can quickly reach opponents, but will also need a high wheat producing capital. If you don't extend it, you will need to look for ways of protecting any troops you have made and in particular, your settlers, whilst you are offline. This is a report from an other server which shows how easy it is to kill defending troops in an oasis and to steal ithttp://travian-reports.net/us/report/460159be00c. I won't need to switch my capital (more on this later) until I am ready to push the fields in my cropper above level 10. If the multihunter finds evidence of cheating he/she can ban an account until the player can prove they haven't cheated, or accept a punishment. Over the next couple of weeks, everything will be about building up the wheat fields in my cropper. To save here, I would make the following cost-savings, as the level 7 fields will cost a little more:drop academy from 8-5drop main building from 8-6increase market from 3-7, This will settle in about the same time, but you will have level 7 wood/clay rather than 6 and more markets to help build your new town. Many players will claim harassment when being attacked in-game. Activity levels are low to high. You can do this in your Hero's Mansion by pressing the red cross. A good offensive account will ensure that the general area is cleared of threats and is also ready to respond to alliance offensive action. There are a few good start-up guides for raiders, but not a simple simmers guide for those players who want to build a decent account but don’t have a huge amount of time or money to invest. Supported all of Travian servers and with one download you can play all servers with each account that you want . SittersYou can have up to two sitters on your account and can sit up to two others. Since =P= weren’t willing to take me in when I applied, settling right on top of their players is going to be a bad idea. Unlike common thought, raiding does not reduce bounty. Now I own the oasis, it can still be stolen from me. Travian Strategy Guide contains all the playing strategies which me and my team used to launch us to the top of the server ranks.. Some players mix them up quite successfully, but that tends to require a very high level of activity. Don’t have an account yet? From this list I can see that all the best local croppers have been taken. However, the best defenders can feed their troops wherever they are located. Some accounts on 3x speed sometimes have as many as five or six people playing them around the clock. Teutons have the cheapest Catapult in the game (2760, compared to the Romans' 2990 & Gauls' 3130), but they have the least attack: only 50. I would always complete the resources tasks first. If you have got as far as an alliance chat room, you may have heard people talking about duals. More about that later. A couple of hours in and my account is looking like this. Use the correct troop type to farm. Part Two of the Teuton Guide for Travian. A player who raids actively will easily maintain a much higher growth rate than one who does not believe in raiding. I eventually made the decision to go for a World Wonder Killer account, so will go through the process of building up a cropper capital as well as setting up a village to build an army in, as part of this guide. Beware though, that they will probably have scouts as well and that these attacks may alert them to your presence. Trying to report someone for harassment simply because they attacked in this war-game is always unsuccessful. I can select whether I want to look for a 9 or 15-cropper and the percentage oasis bonus. With my BP due to end about the same time as my settlers are due to arrive, I need to think about how I intend to deal with any incoming attacks. If you don't have Gold Club then you will need to ensure that you watch your settlers like a hawk until you are able to send them off or send them away out of the village whilst you are off line. I can make sure this doesn't happen by not leaving small numbers troops at home to get attacked. Although I could build fields above level 10 in my spawn village, I won't do that. End of day 1 and this is how it’s looking. Until you know if a Gaul has traps or not, it is best to send attacks rather than raids, so you do not waste time having to free trapped troops. This will mean settling quite a long way from my first (spawn) village which brings its own challenges. Have you trained or researched any troops yet or are you solidly building things? Thanks to this guy, my reports page is starting to look fairly busy - you can see how many dead raids he has sent already and there are two more on the way in. It should be effective if you have a 1-2 week late start on the server. Again, if I settle this cropper it could run me into trouble with a strong alliance so I need to look further. Because I chose to focus on wheat fields, I have had to use quite a lot of gold to "NPC", if you aren't using gold your resource production is likely to be spread more evenly across the different types of fields, with clay the more natural priority at this stage. Now I joined an alliance it's time to check it out. It isn’t that important what order you do them in, but I would always prioritise building resource fields for now. They also make it harder for attackers to chief your village by reducing the amount that loyalty is lowered when attacked with chiefs. Hero adventure (tip – pick the one furthest away) – reward hero arrives instantly10. This means that lower fields give more return for their cost than higher fields. The alternative build here, to settle at the same time is day 6 complete your level 7 clay wood and crop fields, this will move your production to 490/490/350/800. When finally deciding on a place to settle, take a good look around the surrounding area. You can spam troops quickly to farm the neighbouring area, even invade other active players. Jackie Harris did not invent raid cycling. If you keep getting rebuffed, don't despair. With that said, having a dual is usually more efficient and better all around if you communicate well. Someone could still settle the spot I am after before my settlers get there, making my settlers “bounce”. This is quite expensive which is why I have waited until now to build it. But that’s only if you don’t know how to play because with just a small touch Gauls are turning to be the easiest race to play with. Sitters can not send normal attacks, only raids. Songs: 0:00 - 3:24 - Apashe - Battle Royale (Feat. At the moment, I can see they are still unopened, but I will check again through the day. Activity levels are medium to high. When calculating culture points you want to investigate "how much it costs to get to the next CP". Remember that you have no resource fields. I can see in my market that buying resources other than wheat is going to cost me more. Wheatfield 1 – reward instant build to level 25. Once I am ready to settle village 3, my next decision will need to be over whether I want to build a capital or none-capital hammer, so I will look at the disadvantages and advantages of each once I get to that point. This can also be a good excuse if an attack fails, but remember; it is never good to lie! Try to work out when they are on-line. It is the bread and butter of your economy. You can do this by sending them, with a few other troops as escort to protect them, to raid a small inactive village. Hero resources to clay – reward 200 clay6. !!! A complete battle-report will be sent to you as long as at least one of the raiding troops survive the raid. After the first few days, everything now is calming down as the only thing to do today is to upgrade the Residence. Certain actions (usually with heavy consequences) can only be executed by a successful attack: Recommendation: Attacks usually involve higher risks and may require scouting beforehand. The multihunter may ask you for more information, especially if you are complaining about IGMs you have received. I’m going to pass on some of those techniques here in a day by day guide as I run through them myself. Starting on day 1 on a really competitive server, I wouldn't be anywhere near the front runners, but for my activity level of a couple of hours in the evening and a couple of quick check ins during the day, I'm very happy with how it's progressing. Travian Detailed Romans Guide 1) Don’t build a 15C unless you are prepared to abuse gold to trade wheat for other resources. Pushing up resources in my spawn village to help feed this in future will also be a priority, and I also need to try to keep increasing my CPS as I need to build more villages to increase my resource production. If you don't have gold club, then it's a good idea to send them out on long raids while you are offline. However, as your account grows and resource production increases, you can build your City Hall to Level 10 and runs Grand Balls. level 1 fields payback their cost in 35 hours, level 2 in 69 hours, level 3 in 86 hours. Just keep working through them, completing everything you can. OasesTaking an oasis will increase resource production. I've picked this particular oasis as it has already been cleared of animals. My biggest plunder is 325,000 resources in a single raid. There are other guides that concentrate on a raiding start so I will be extending mine to protect me for as long as possible. It’s always worth trying to get in the best alliance first, and to join I will need an invitation. (Romans do 75 attack) (Gaulsdo 70 attack). ( I also mentioned my dual in the blurb at the beginning of this guide). http://t4.answers.travian.co.u…=answer&aid=102#go2answer, #9 crop UK T3, first in clubbies, #2 attacker, #10 hero, Your game don't scare me, I got hit by this, http://travian-reports.net/us/report/452826e25ec, http://travian-reports.net/us/report/452820371cc, http://travian-reports.net/us/report/452837d3cb3, http://travian-reports.net/us/report/4528160d800, http://forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?t=59208, http://travian-reports.net/us/report/460159be00c. Try to find one where the travel time there and back will coincide with when you are back online. Fortunately for the alert player, these unused villages continue to build up resources that your troops can gather in raids. Gaul scouts (pathfinders) are made in the Stable. Keep an eye on your larger neighbours with your scouts (if you have them). Additionally, I won’t be able to protect my spawn village, therefore will need to expect that I will lose it to another player in the future, probably through a chiefing. Your resources are earned through raiding. I've already got some building and will build more before I come out of BP. To do this, I need a City Hall. Teutons also possess the best offense troops in the game. This means I can't build them any higher at the moment, either because they are at their maximum level, or because you need to increase storage. This may well be someone intending to settle that cropper who chose to pick a standard 4-4-4-6 (feeder) village first to build a range of resources before settling a cropper. This will make sure that your troops avoid any attacks that come in. If you are careful this way you can also get a bunch of resources to level 7 (also worth 1 more CP) and settle a day earlier. Another option here is to level fields more evenly in the cropper and first (spawn) town. You have been warned. This will cost a total of 57000 resources. Post was edited 2 times, last by Mercedes (Feb 22nd 2017). I will be using gold but will also explain what to do if you aren’t. That’s it. They must be within my 7x7 for me to be able to claim them. That looks like an excellent alternative build to the one I suggested. I can't build enough on my own to defend successfully against other players who started the server earlier than me, so at this stage it's better to dodge any incoming attacks. Like rams, all catapults are as effective at destroying buildings - for example 5… The armies will battle until they have lost a combined 100% of the fighting force, so if one side is losing 75% the other side will be losing 25% and therefore, the loss on both sides are usually smaller. Another external website used by a lot of experienced players is kirilloid. Once you have one field at level 10, you can start building factories to increase your resource production. The easiest way to do this if you don't have many offensive troops is to use cages, then kill off any few remaining animals with your hero. I am now producing a total of 1735 resources every hour from my fields, so it will take me 68 hours, or just under three days to make enough resources to complete these. Choosing a Capital I need to find a good position to settle my capital. I haven't quite got enough resources yet, but will run one as soon as I do. With decent raiding it should be possible to have them all queued and ready within a matter of hours. At the moment, I am making 89 CPs a day. As soon as I can I will upgrade the granary. You have already built embassy level 1, academy 3, main building 3. If I was raiding, I would be building Theutate Thunders in my village, but that requires a much higher level of activity than I can currently commit to. But do take note of the factory buildings that Mercedes advised about as they will give a good bonus. This requires the least amount of activity, if you are prepared to allow active members in your alliance to sit your account. The number of crannies looks alarming, but they are bringing in cheap CPs and can be taken down when needed. There is no option to send troops back from an oasis, so reinforcement… Research in Kingdoms is not global to your avatar – you need to research and upgrade units for each village individually as well as unlock buildings. I've kept the warehouse deliberately low so that it stays below my cranny level to deter farmers from raiding me. Here is how my village is looking at the end of Day 5. This "guide" is aimed at moderate-skill players who want to raid solo on a roman account. Raid can also be used when the aim is to just deal some damage to the defender, without losing too much, like in a strike that happens before other troops get around. Culture Points (CPs) Before I do any more building, I’m going to consider the impact every potential build has on culture points. Because I built so many crannies to create CPs, anyone who sends troops to raid my resources will come away with nothing so will probably soon stop. For the next three days, I will be building up the residence to Level 10 and training three settlers. I was lucky enough this server to coax JPP out of retirement to dual with me. The easiest way to do this is to buy Gold Club and use the cropfinder tool in the map. These produce the same number of CPs as all your combined villages produce per day, up to a maximum of 2000 CPs but take longer to run. You need to raid often from this village. Travian Teutons Guide by Nailzz. The higher your fields are the more they cost (! You need to be a bit careful here. Post was edited 12 times, last by Mercedes (Feb 20th 2017). I really need to start to upgrade buildings now my fields are done to get some quick increases in CPs. Inside the village is looking good too. It allows you to enter your troop numbers and alliance leaders use it to monitor their players, plan offensive action and organise defence. To get through the Trade Quest without having to trade, put something up for sale in your market place and cancel it. This is also not harassment, but is simply aggressive and experienced game-play. I can't train them yet, once the Residence is complete at Level 10, this page will change to allow me to train them. If another player within range who also had a high enough Level Hero's Mansion wanted it, he would need to attack with his hero. A complete battle-report will only be sent to you if you were either the defender or killed at least 25% of the enemy troops in your attack. A player can defend an oasis by sending reinforcements, the troops use wheat from the village that owns that oasis. Post was edited 2 times, last by Mercedes (Feb 26th 2017). I can check to see if my messages have been read in my sent box. My preference from this list would be Pandemic, but I will write to the leaders of the first four and see what (if any) response I get. There is a guide to different types of oases here:http://forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?t=59208Although it was written under an older version of the game, it is still relevant to this version. To check out alliances around you, look in your embassy. A dual is another player on your account. I'll consider the various options and advantages and disadvantages of each as whichever route I take will be fundamental in deciding where I want to settle my capital, the main wheat producing village to feed my army. However, now I have claimed the oasis I need to be careful as other players can raid it to steal resources from my village. A scouting shows how much I could potentially lose, http://travian-reports.net/us/report/460147e285a. World Wonder Killer.An account set up to build a World Wonder Killer is a one show wonder. This website is more of a calculation tool and can help you plan building your account, army and travel times for attacks or defence.Your alliance may also expect you to use Skype to connect with your team players. Offensive players are generally, but not always, more active raiders. Scouts are a very undervalued and underused troop. The more villages I have, the more resource production I will make, the more troops I can build. It will speed up your start game. From here, I can see I should have 2 Level 5 fields and all the rest at level 4 before I build the first level of the flour mil, so am slightly ahead of myself with my build. Once built, I can look to see which Oases are available in my area. If you suspect someone is breaking the rules, you can message the multihunter. This guide explains how you can efficiently farm oases and get the maximum benefit. The differences between raids and attacks are often confusing to new players. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. I am going to take the nearest oasis that gives me a double bonus, 25% wood and 25% wheat. I have also built three wheat fields to Level 7, so my resource income is now a healthy 448/448/448/556. TutorialThe first thing to do is work through the tutorial. If I take one too close to a rival player who is bigger than me or in an opposing alliance, I am likely to receive a lot of attacks. A message to the multihunter will always show as unread so do't worry if it doesn't appear to have been opened. They also check for other forms of cheating. Another reason for always checking the details of a potential target is that the village may be a second, or subsequent, village for a strong player. Post was edited 3 times, last by Cretin (Feb 22nd 2017). 20:15pm and a third alliance has messaged back, again with a polite thanks but no thanks, but an offer to give advice and support to grow to the requirements to join in the future. Use Interface Help – reward resources. Raid oases as much as possible, especially using your Hero. The rest of the day should be spent completing tasks. If there is no increase in population and the resources keep on rising for a prolonged period the player may be on a fishing trip (holiday). This time how to raid and when/what to build. If you can start a conversation, do. To make room for the factories, I have had to take down some of the lower level crannies. If you are really lucky, you may also bring some home from an adventure. What this means is that it is more cost effective to level your fields in your 2nd town at about the same level as your first town and this will help you grow faster. GoldAt some point, you will need to decide if you are going to invest any money into your game. More on this later. They appear to have more members but the population of each is smaller in comparison to Pandemic, which makes me think Pandemic has more experienced players. Always check the Alliance details of a potential target village. It will take 1 day to make level 7 fields, but will increase your resource production and CP, and this will mean your residence and settlers are made more quickly in the following 2 days. Whether or not you do depends on whether you want to raid. Hi Cretin. UK5,1 Annoying Gaul/CDT, UK5,2 Colt Seavers/Geoffles, Au1,3 Stringfellow/AoW, Au4,2 Spirit/KGB, TKCom2 Stringfellow/xTools, UK3,8 Spirit/Resurge, UK1,10 Tauriel/Havoc, UK1/11 Incognito/Betrayed, UK1/12 Spirit/Betrayed#9 crop UK T3, first in clubbies, #2 attacker, #10 heroYour game don't scare me, I got hit by this. Whilst this is running other players are unable to attack you, but also you are unable to attack other players. Warehouse 1 – reward 24 hours Travian Plus7. An offensive army doesn’t need to be big, though the bigger it is, the more likely it is to survive any defence it encounters. Most players will scout you before attacking, to see what troops you have in your village. You don't have to have a dual, and it is unlikely that on your first server you will, but as your gameplay progresses, you may find an experienced dual is a real benefit to your account. This is how the village looks by the end of the first day. Don’t forget to put hero resource production back from clay to evenly spread, that gets you an extra 32 resources per hour. Reinforcement reports only show you the number of your own slain troops. To settle, I need 2000 CPs. You can demolish buildings you no longer want or need to make room for new ones in your main building (MB), but you must build your MB to level 10 first. Some bans are permanent. I will continue to build in my village to keep this increasing tomorrow, before starting to upgrade my residence. Travian Offensive Gauls Guide by c69 About this guide: Gauls are meant to be a defensive race. And finally the one after kills, attacking for the sake of it and just because they can. Make a note of the time the protection period ends and give these guys a visit with your raiders. Progress At the end of Day 4, this is how my account is looking. If you don't extend it, you will need to look for ways of protecting any troops you have made and in particular, your settlers, whilst you are offline. Once I do, I need to be prepared for my spawn being chiefed, so will look at this is more detail later. Travian is a community-based game and no one will be successful on their own. Some players start a village but fail to develop it (for various reasons). I’m not going through that, it’s self-explanatory, but if you want a list of the tasks – click the spoiler tab. QuestsMeanwhile you can check on your daily quests. Parties seem expensive, especially at the beginning, but it's important to run as many as you can afford. Travian AU3 Gaul - Part 5 - Raiding + Making the list - Duration: 9:01. I could have built this up faster by using more resources from my spawn village, but I want to finish resource production in my spawn village first. They were in luck as I hadn’t checked that autodoge was on so also caught the huge numbers of troops sat there ;). There are dangers here - whilst saving the resources to build my settlers, there is a real risk that my warehouse and granary could overflow overnight. Look for one out of BP and with a very small population (less than 50) on your map. This is an external website that tracks travian servers. I usually wait until there is enough wheat in the granary to NPC into resources for three or four fields at a time. It is aimed at Gold Users but can be adapted for none Gold users however any none gold users using this guide will have to be extremely active. As the server stretches out, I'm now looking at my progress in terms of weeks, rather than days. What I could do is start to build up an army of phalanx so that I will have some defence for the future is catapult attacks start. Register yourself now and be a part of our community! Travian Movies 6,122 views. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. This isn't on the task list and isn't the best upgrade for CPs, but if I don't, my wheat production will fill it whilst I'm asleep and several hours of resource production will be wasted. Oasis Raiding is an important and useful trick in early game. Once clear of animals, all you need to do is raid with your hero. Everything builds towards producing one, single hit, massively big army. If you aren't happy with the rate you are getting (1:1 minimum) try putting your resources up for sale instead. 1 Target Readers 2 Preparations 3 Get Started 4 In the Beginners Protection 5 After Beginners Protection 6 Further Objectives The following article provides some advices for newbies only. I'm not interested in attacking any of my neighbouring villages as that would probably only antagonise them, and for now I want to stay below the radar. This way you can be sure that your army is enough to overpower them. Before I run out of the settling resources, I build the main building to 3, then granary, warehouse and marketplace. For Teutons, it’s the clubswinger and paladin. I intend to do this in my cropper to maximise wheat production. Once the villages have been initially raided of all resources they should be treated as a Weaker Opponent. If he is farming from a farm list, then he is doing it very inefficiently.http://travian-reports.net/us/report/452820371cc. Once an oasis is claimed by a village, raiding it takes resources from that village. A World Wonder Killer account is the most demanding in terms of wheat so needs a high producing 15-cropper capital. Raids are meant strictly to gather bounty, and are much less vicious. The main reason people will want to attack my village will be; a) to raid resources. I need to increase my CPs even further. There are three main categories, plus raiding accounts. This can't happen whilst my spawn is still my capital. 11:25am and my preferred alliance has also politely turned me down for lack of experience, but this one came with encouragement and a potential offer of advice. Hi Cretin, you are absolutely right. Woodcutter 2 – reward instant build4. I also brought back some Theutate Thunders from an adventure, so rather than them sitting at home eating wheat and getting fat, I want to look at getting them out raiding and bringing in extra resources. Plenty of time for a brew! However, troops at this stage won't serve much purpose other than to use up resources that I would rather spend on fields and factories. You can either demolish them level by level, or if you are in a hurry you can demolish them entirely for 5 gold. Go and make a cup of tea while you wait. You can only have fields above Level 10 in your capital. I then need to train three settlers. Another good way to protect yourself is to build lots of scouts. Gold You may notice a big increase in my gold balance. As it runs towards it's close, you have the option to extend it. To try to lessen the need to NPC and reduce my gold, I can trade wheat in the market place for other resources. It could well lead to an invitation at a later stage. Heal hero – reward resources12. Eventually I decided to join up with lone player who was willing to send me an invitation to his alliance to get the Quest resources. b) to get easy kills to level up a hero or build attack points. At the moment I'm upgrading the granary. Travian 4 Roman Start Guide by Steve10. TasksOnce the tutorial is complete, you have a set of tasks to work through and a hero on his way back from an adventure. Good defence accounts are the backbone of any alliance and it is usually the best defence that will win a server. Parties give you the same number of CPs as your village is currently producing. Raiding Dos :- Keep the higher goal in mind. I think the most important thing for new players to understand is just how important Culture Points are when you are starting up your account. Travian Movies 6,064 views. Repeatedly attacking lowers the loyalty until the oasis switches to them. You may notice on mine that the level 10 fields have a grey ring. I need to upgrade my Residence to Level 10. If it hadn't, I would have to clear it myself. ... Travian: Starting Guide for Gold Users - Duration: 13:40. Raiding an oasis will cause your troops to plunder up to 10% of the resources from the village owning the oasis. (PM me for the full version, or even better, PM Bob Hawkins who has far more comprehensive versions), I have highlighted in green the buildings that I have already built, and in pink those that I can build more than once. As a gaul, I can also build traps. (Thanks Trouble ;)). I found a promising looking 15-cropper but on checking it out, noticed that a =P= player had already settled very close. 3.3 You want to do a raiding start (Gold/No gold) This strategy is quite similar to the two scenarios above. Some useful potential farms hide behind the smokescreen of their own alliance name even though they are the only member. Most alliances are quad based and will prioritise applications from players with the right set of coordinates, although they will sometimes consider you if you are right on a border like I am at (77/-6). If you aren’t buying, you can still follow the process but it will take a bit longer. This will give me strength in numbers, however a good alliance will also expect me to contribute back. While you may meet some resistance from defending troops at first, this strategy provides a constant stream of resources while preventing your opponents from developing. I have sent my settlers to a 15-cropper tile to make into my capital. Trappers will capture raiders; a successful attack is needed to free the captives. I need to build up all but two of my fields to Level 6 before I upgrade the Flour mill to level 2. c) to chief my village. I am still following the guide from kirilloid for my cropper and have just about completed level 5 wheat fields.

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