I have been searching for an in-ear monitor that has a pure and clear sound. My favorite phones are HD650 Sennheisers and the MA750 gives me a similar signature. The CL750 is another highbrow make from RHA looking to be available in the Fall. With a price tag of just under 130 euros and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, RHA’s CL750 features premium-grade in-ear headphones. I have tried various in-ear options, AKG quadbeats, Pioneer SE-CL721-H, JVC Xtreme Xplosivs, Mee Audio M6 and various other cheap options that came with … It still has a punchy decent mid-bass elevation that adds a touch of low-end warmth before it dips into a slightly more recessed but even sounding lower midrange. Ships with twelve eartip options in various sizes, shapes, materials. The RHA S500u have no business sounding this good for its price range and are recommended to anyone and everyone looking for great-sounding audio on the cheap. I use a PC with a Zorloo ZuperDAC attached to it as the main source. Now its desktop/portable and digital 2.1 audio on a rather nice laptop. The RHA CL1 can be yours at a hefty price of $449.95. The FR bumps and valleys are not quite as pronounced as the CL1. Popularity rank: 100 / 150 . Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a8f5819692cb14014960d087c162ab08" );document.getElementById("g4b2c190bf").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. The RHA T20i impresses with excellent sound, build quality, design and accessories. These are action words a lot of audiophiles will jump on. Free delivery on all orders. Sorry but we do not have a P1 to compare and comment on. The housings are finished in the traditional RHA manner with the brand name etched on the top plate of one driver and the product name on the other. The CL750 also has a boosted upper mids signature and a fairly pronounced lower treble characteristic giving percussion passages a clean and more aggressive and brighter sounding attack. The CL750 is a pure headphone for audiophile music enjoyment. In the current era of wireless (and even wire-free) earphones, the wired RHA CL750 feel a bit like a throwback—they don't even have an … RHA CL750. Timbre is more to the thin and quick paced with a clean edge beyond than anything thick or rich sounding. The precision-based in-ear headphones are comprised of stainless steel Aerophonic housings. For high-volume productions or percussion instruments such as a hi-hat, the CL750 shoots slightly faster than the target. Regarding operation on typical smartphones, due to its impedance of 150 Ohms, the CL750 is not designed for – nor is suitable for – use with them. And yes, we ha… This is an IEM built for use with amps and the specs confirm as much with a very low 89dB efficiency rating and a very high 150-ohm impedance value. However, the CL750 has a slight overemphasis in the high frequencies that is not to my liking. I’m disappointed that you did not compare the CL750 to the very similar, in build and price, MA750. There is less of a sub-bass rumble with the CL750. The first thing that strikes me is the unusually long, transparent and twisted-down connection cable with a length of almost 1.50 metres. It’s not so much about the vastness of its stage, it does have decent depth though that slight roll off on the low end limits its perceptible sub-bass extension a bit more than the CL1. With the in-ear model CL750, RHA has its sights set on music lovers who value increased sound quality. RHA CL750 | Full Specifications: Sound Output: Stereo, Impedance: 150, Sensitivity: 89, Frequency range: ; 45000, Style: In-Ear, Weight: Glad I could help, let us know how you got on with the T20 if you decide to get one. The new carry case is the same as the CL1 case, as is pretty much everything else you get including the same type of excellent multi-lingual manual including a detailed frequency response chart. Inside there is a very similar and impressive array of accessories to the CL1 including: – 3 pairs of s/m/l silicone tips It will be available in October and ship with a three-year warranty. No need to fix what is not broken and the MA750 had a very good reputation for comfort so following the same design lines with the CL750 means more or less the same result. Accessories and build wise I give the edge to the CL750, I just find it more mature, better materials and a nicer case. The cable is the best I have felt on an IEM, nice length, soft and light but yet durable. The driver housing is made of the same reliable robust 303F stainless steel composite of the MA750 that feels rock hard and very durable. Founder & Owner of headfonics.com. This is another review I did awhile back on another forum. This is a two-piece shell with a single clean seam line and terminating in a non-detachable cable silicone rubber exit at the top of the cylindrical SS shell and a single tiny bass port for the driver to breathe at the base of the housing. Specs; Pros. From the very get-go, it was clear to me that RHA’s CL750 monitors were truly something special. If the CL1 we reviewed a few weeks ago could be considered a foray into the unknown, the new $140 CL750 could also be classified as a return to what RHA do best; quality sound at a very competitive price. In the test,​ I used the in-house Dacamp L1 in combination with an iPhone 8. It is explicitly recommended by RHA for use with amplifiers: stable or mobile. Here's how they fared. After running them in for a full weekend – Friday to Monday, in fact, and usually more than enough for a set of in-ears – we awarded them two stars. RHA has made a name for itself by offering quality headphones and earphones at budget prices. This not only looks classy but, according to the manufacturer, also leads to lower distortion in the earphones due to the explicitly high density and low resonance of the material, even at high volumes. Legacy CL750 . Key Features. How would you compare this to the MEE Pinnacle P1? The lower frequency range of the CL750 is traceable down to the low bass. The RHA CL750 headphones deliver a fantastic in-ear audio experience that gets even better when used with an amplifier. Just above the y-split metal housing is a discrete soft plastic chin strap slider which does provide a slight battle in moving up and down but nothing too worrying. RHA CL750 review. Key Features 150 Ohm impedance, made for use with headphone amplifiers & DACs 16 - 45, 000Hz frequency range, ultra-wideband CL Dynamic transducers for true-to-life HiFi sound Stainless Steel 303F grade RHA signature Aerophonic housings 3 Year RHA manufacturers warranty included when purchased from RHA or directly Contains military grade noise isolating ComplyTM Foam ear tips for … Music for testing your headphones: Our Spotify playlist. Learn how your comment data is processed. As a no frills item, extras such as functions for volume control or making calls have been left out of the design. The earpods a As far as altitude is concerned, the CL750 is transparent and rich in detail. The CL750's earpieces feature stainless steel enclosures that house "ultra wideband" dynamic drivers that cover a frequency range of 16Hz-45kHz. The CL750 is covered by RHA's industry leading 3 year warranty and backed by our 5 star customer service team. The noise isolation is average. But not a word to help me decide if I would want to “upgrade”. Once again, the CL750, likes its bigger sibling the CL1, does not curry favor with the general consumer crowd. The CL750, much like the CL1, is about pushing out a controlled, precise and clean presentation with an eye for nuanced detail and good instrumental separation than gut-wrenching power. I thought it was impressive for the CL1, it’s bloody good value at this level for the CL750. Better? Specs; Pros. As a rule, this leads to a gain in openness. RHA CL750 - Auriculares. An abundant treble wasn’t adequately balanced by the low-end, and the resulting sound was enough to make our reviewers wince. This includes selling points such as the quality braided, high conductivity oxygen-free copper cable, the new stitched carry case, the familiar and handsome tip tray and the wide selection of tips. 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If you are sensitive to treble I would suggest instead upgrading to the T20 and its filter system which a bit more natural on the top end. Much of the T20s’ mass is housing what RHA has dubbed its Revolutionary DualCoil dy… The overriding characteristic was harshness. – 1 steel tray holder for your tips Less-known . The transformer used is the in-house CL Dynamic ultra-wideband​ transducer with a ring-shaped magnet and a 9 μ membrane, which, again according to the manufacturer, is characterised by its particularly wide frequency range and is suitable for high-resolution audio material. Inside RHA have changed up the driver from the MA750 which is now defined as an ultra-wideband CL dynamic driver and more in line with the CL house sound which had a very heavy emphasis on good extension and treble performance. Thought I would drop it over and see what you all think about the RHA CL750, has anyone tried them out? The cable itself is finished in a very soft and pliant TPE coating which is low on microphonics but not as low as the CL1. Designed in Glasgow, UK with a 3-year warranty, our earphones are designed for people who expect more. N/A . Power The L1 will give you 300mW into 16 ohms and 28mW into 300 ohms. Is the sound signature different? Is the CL750 an upgrade? To get the most out of the CL750 you have to be the type who has either a very good DAP or a more than decent portable amp. – 3 pairs of s/m/l Comply T-200 foam tips My other IEM is the HiFiMan RE400 which I never “warmed” up to – not at all like the 650s. – Stiffened zipper nylon carry case. Also at 150 ohms you will need amplification to better drive the CL750 whereas the MA750 was much lower and specifically designed to work well with low powered sources. Please be advised that RHA's manufacturer warranty is only valid on purchases from authorised retailers, including Amazon and RHA directly. The CL750 follows similar design lines to the original MA750 so it has a more traditional circular look to it than the recent molded designs of the T-series and the new CL1. Popularity Score . I am presuming the molded over the ear hooks on the CL1 do a much better job at killing noise from traveling all the way up the cable. At the same time, these properties have a positive effect on the depiction of percussive signals, the speech intelligibility of voices, and also on stereo imaging and the definition of a room. Technology such as the CL dynamic driver is also being pushed as having the same purposed tonal objective (albeit on a lower level) as the exquisite ceramic driver of the CL1; an emphasis on control, accuracy, and clarity right across the full frequency range. With the in-ear model CL750, RHA has its sights set on music lovers who value increased sound quality. The MA750 packaging is good, the CL750 is great. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for RHA CL750: Precision HiFi Noise Isolating in-Ear Headphones for Amps & DACs at Amazon.com. In the current era of wireless (and even wire-free) earphones, the wired RHA CL750 feel a bit like a throwback—they don't even have an … Review. Sound and Vision. monthly searches . In fact, these are some of the most comfortable in-ears we’ve tested, also armed with a selection of ten interchangeable tips, including double flange and memory foam types. I guess it’s now five or more times that! If the numbering sequence is a hint then yes, you are right, the 750 is the successor in some ways to the original and very respected MA750. Shop wireless headphones & earbuds with a 3-year warranty & free delivery. – 1 cable clip Read honest and … Show all Images . You mention that it is in some ways the MA’s successor. They originally came out at the same time that RHA released their DACAMP L1 and were meant to be paired with it. RHA, a specialist headphones company based out of Scotland, makes premium in-ear earphones with aesthetic appeal, precision engineering using aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel components.These “Aston Martin of Headphones” company sent us their flagship RHA - CL750 earphones for a listen. This is an IEM built for use with amps and the specs confirm as much with a very low 89dB efficiency rating and a very high 150-ohm impedance value. Price wise though that maybe a stretch. In the central frequency ranges, the listener is provided with high detail resolution and sharp demarcation of the instruments involved so that they can hear deep into the mix. Ships with twelve eartip options in various sizes, shapes, materials. Thanks for the further info. Even at high levels, the handset still works well in terms of size. You would not be too far wrong in terming the CL750 as a CL1 light or sorts. The Y-Split is encased in the same aesthetically pleasing metal housing with its serial number on the back and an engraved Reid signature on the front. With the foam tips, it went to the next level with outstanding isolation and comfort. The first thing that strikes me is the unusually long, transparent and twisted-down connection cable … Legacy CL750 - Reviews, Prices, Specs and Alternatives . What we do know from the performance specs is that it is fairly low noise and distortion-free amplification component with decent but not huge power specs, at least on paper. On a suitable player, the CL750 rewards you with balanced sound matching and a combination of intimacy and openness that you would typically not achieve with a pure smartphone. Os fones de ouvido RHA CL750 oferecem uma experiência de áudio in-ear fantástica que fica ainda melhor quando usado com um amplificador. 20+ avg. My desktop amp has a low/hi gain switch and handles the MA750 well, with no noise or apparent impedance mismatch. Intra-auriculares de alta precisão Construção em aço inoxidável Resposta: 16-45.000 Hz Impedancia: 150 Ohm RECOMENDADO USO DE AMPLIFICADOR Sensibilidade: 86 dB Potência nominal: 10/50 mW Cabo entrançado de … Na era atual dos fones de ouvido sem fio (e até sem fio), o RHA CL750 com fio parece um retrocesso - eles nem sequer têm um controle remoto em linha. Specs & Sound. €129,90 Preço. It follows roughly the same u-shaped frequency response only gently toned down in a couple of key areas making it a touch more “accessible sounding” than the CL1 though not quite as detailed and perhaps, in the process, opening itself up to a wider genre and source/amp pairing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Seems like I should stick with my MA750 for now. Here we have an open box pair of RHA CL750 in-ear headphone. We don't yet have enough review information for Legacy CL750 . The other workmanship is exemplary, as the earphones, plugs and centre piece are all made of stainless steel. Once again, the CL750, likes its bigger sibling the CL1, does not curry favor with the general consumer crowd. Normally I would switch right away to the foam tips (Comply level T-200) for a review of this type and did so with the CL1 but I would have no issues with the silicone single bore and dual flanges for the CL750 for on the go isolation. Audiophiles are the clear target for the CL750 but this time RHA have covered their core base, those hard won and loyal fans on tighter budgets but no less in impeccable taste for quality audio. I have been searching for a in-ear headphone that has a pure and clear sound. Every single element - from the unboxing, to the elegant, We're back with another RHA review, this time with the CL750s, a high precision, high-end set of premium in-ears at a bargain price. Required fields are marked *. Strain relief on the stainless steel housing is angular for the hooks and fairly durable looking. Descubra qual é melhor, assim como respectivas performances no ranking de fones de ouvido. RHA have named this particularly 303F alloy composite as an Aerophonic™ design with a claimed 8 times increased density over common thermoplastics as well as a better chamber for delivering low distortion sound and reducing internal resonance. In addition, there is a lot of ‘trickle down’ technology and features from the flagship CL1 that the CL750 customers will benefit from. Qual a diferença entre Sony MDR-100ABN e RHA CL750? Drawing from the CL1 there is absolutely nothing to complain about here for the price right down to the well designed and informative black box it is packed in. There is some decent sparkle in its brilliance region even beyond 10k but not quite as ethereal sounding as the CL1 and not quite as predominant as the lower treble. Back then it was albums, rock concerts and interviews with a typewriter for the local rag. Show listings Show reviews . We originally reviewed these earphones in the January issue of What Hi-Fi? It is heavily encased, making it robust and less prone to typical knots. True Wireless in-ears with a convincing performance, Innovative True Wireless earbuds with touch and voice control. The CL750 sports the same braided, high conductivity oxygen-free copper cable as the CL1 unbalanced version though it is not detachable (CL1 OFC is MMCX) and does not have the mouldable over-ear hook system of the CL1 or the T series higher end IEMs. The difference this time is in the initial two letterings, or CL, which denotes a brand new driver at the heart of this particular 750 variant and it is not too far off how the flagship CL1 operates and sounds. Drawing design inspiration from the critically-acclaimed MA750, it features stainless steel housings in RHA’s Aerophonic™ design, in addition to a new braided OFC cable. The wearing comfort is thanks to a large selection of 12 pairs of fittings made of different materials (silicone, comply foam, etc.). The cable is guided over the auricle and thereby stabilised in the seat and relieved of strain. That’s a third heavier than RHA’s main rival at this price point, the Award-winning Shure SE425, but it needn’t be an issue thanks to support from the T20s’ over-ear cabling. RHA CL750 Review from No Hype-Fi for www.avclub.gr In my first video review I had the joy of testing the RHA CL750 in-ear monitors (130€) Let me … Passive noise isolation is excellent, even with the provided single bore silicone tips it proved to be equal to the task. I don’t notice any disturbing overemphasis either there, or in the rest of the bass foundation. Build and Design: 9/10 They also do just fine driven by my smartphone. It is inserted in the ear canal itself and … Editor Rating: Excellent (4.0) Articles; Specs; All Images; All Video; Pros Exceptional audio performance with rich, accurate lows and wonderful high frequency clarity. With an impedance of 150 Ohms, the CL750 is quite quiet on typical smartphones. How time flies. Staging wise this is an impressive performer for the money. Exceptional audio performance with rich, accurate lows and wonderful high frequency clarity. The CL750, like the MA750, is designed to be worn over the ear and whilst it does not have RHA’s mouldable over-ear hook system I found the memory hooks to be very flexible and nicely weighted and snug around the ear with minimal adjustments required. No, rather is it the control of the driver in terms of an immersive and accurate imaging quality delivering a very nice level of spatial cues awareness that makes a few other IEMs as this level seem muddled and vague. At the same time, the attractive in-ear pieces should prove to be durable, even though the connection cable is unfortunately not interchangeable. The CL750 uses RHA’s ultra-wideband CL Dynamic transducer for authentic sound reproduction up to 45kHz. These are high impedance headphones and are meant to be used with an amp. I first started reviewing in the late 80s (ouch!). Cons The CL750 is brighter, cleaner and more detailed than the MA750 which is more neutral. I did check out the Headfonics T20 review and that does appear to be the best upgrade path. 4. has an in-ear form RHA CL750 The in-ear device is ultracompact and lightweight, with little or no interference with earrings, spectacles, hats, or hairstyles. I have tried various in-ear options, AKG quadbeats, Pioneer SE-CL721-H, JVC Xtreme Xplosivs, Mee Audio M6 and various other cheap options that came with my Samsung and LG cellphones. Even the retail packing has the class of the CL1. As I did with the Meze 11 Neo (and all other headphones I try), I burned in the RHA T20i for 100 hours… one year ago. On the contrary, it sounds contoured, full of pressure and with comprehensible tonality and dynamics. Treble, as before with the CL1, requires a more studied approach in terms of matching but it is not as volatile and there is an ounce more forgiveness in the CL750 making it rather fun sounding and on point for chill, ambiance, and trance. The RHA CL750 has a two piece injection moulded stainless steel body which is circular in shape, with a nozzle which is centered, and rises to a peak (basically I'd call the IEM “volcano” shaped for want of a better descriptor). 150 Ohm impedance, made for use with headphone amplifiers & DACs Your email address will not be published. Despite the 39g weighting (3g more than the MA750) being above average for single DD IEMs, the design is tested and true for excellent comfort and seal. It measures 14mm in diameter and 16mm from the rear casing to the nozzle tip. As before all of these tips can be mounted in their stainless steel tip holder tray which also fits rather nicely onto one side of the carry case though I am not entirely sure if that is the intended outcome but it works nevertheless. It is terminated with the same 3.5mm gold plated thick jack of the CL1 and will take a threaded quarter jack though one is not supplied with the CL750. Based in Glasgow, UK, we believe that technology should connect people. Audiophile in-ear headphones for amp operation. However, RHA Audio also explicitly recommends using the headphones with dedicated headphone amplifiers or with mobile playback devices that provide adequate performance. The CL750 really is more for an audiophile on a budget experience than the MA750. Sonically, this model solves higher demands but has a slight tendency to hardness. Sub-200Hz it is not quite as boosted sounding as the CL1 and tails off a little quicker around 50Hz. RHA CL750 Noise Isolating Precision High Impedance In-Ear Headphones The build quality is what I have come to expect from RHA, top notch. If you have the CL1 you can borrow the RHA branded quarter jack from it and it does screw on very nicely. – 2 pairs of m/l bi-flange silicone tips They will work well with any quality portable amplifier. It is, after all, the same DD driver used by the CL1 though without the ceramic plate. Post 1k the energy increases so higher pitched vocal performances come to the fore a bit more than lower pitched male vocals which came across as a bit thinner with that dip in the lower midrange. Review Rankings . Consumer Score .

rha cl750 specs

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